Rosie Warner has joined the team to help run The Circle Club

Rosie Warner has joined the team to help run The Circle Club

Say hello to the newest member of our team, Rosie Warner. Rosie did a stint with us last year for another client so already knows us here at The House of LM. 

Rosie's role this time at The House of Lifestyle Management will mainly be focused around a new aspect of the business, The Circle Club.

Rosie is an experienced personal assistant with an enthusiastic and proactive approach to both life and work. She worked at the Queen Victoria Arts Club so has hands on experince how clubs work.

With this experience and the fact she has managed teams,events and busy lives we feel she is a perfect fit for us here at The house of LM to run this new venture.

Due to an extensive background in the hospitality industry, Rosie is passionate about delivering impeccable customer service with meticulous attention to detail. 

After becoming a Co-founder of a local charity, Rosie has helped raise over £150,000 in the last four years for two twin boys with cerebral palsy. 

Rosie said "I am so excited to work with a company that reflects my positivity and enthusiasm for work. A business where I hope to actively contribute to the growth of the company while utilising my existing skills to be a valued member of the team. I am passionate about bringing people together in a happy environment and I know and value the importance of making strong connections both personally and professionally with others." With this attidue we know she will be the perfect fit for our members.

You can contact Rose by email:

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