Making the impossible, possible...

Alex Slack
Alex Slack

“I have many years of experience in Event and Project Management. This has encompassed working for different types of organisations, charities, schools, music, weddings, government and corporate. Within this I have experienced managing teams, leading projects and worked on a freelance basis as a consultant. One of my strongest assets is the ability to connect people / businesses by drawing on the strong networks I have built over the years. Thereby giving them opportunities and growth. I enjoy and thrive providing solutions under high-pressured situations with a deadline. I have been responsible for all aspects of project management and delivered high quality events without fail. My career highlight was working on the production Team for Live 8 Music festival. My most embarrassing moment was falling over in front of Jamiroquai and my most stressful event was making sure the then Prime Minster, Gordon Brown’s lectern was the right height to the nearest mm! My most rock and roll event was going on tour with Guns N’ Roses and finally my most rewarding event was running in a team from Devon to Twickenham on behalf of the LOROS Hospice where we met Prince William. All these experiences have provided me with the creativity, drive, technical know-how and tireless enthusiasm to be able to help any client that needs our services”

Our Brand Story

As innovative entrepreneurs, the founders of The House of LM have always prided themselves on a granular attention to detail, organisation and time management. Whilst building our own businesses, we realised that everyone in our industry struggled with one key aspect in their lives: time.

With experience in PA, Concierge and Event services, as well as an unrivalled network of partners and specialists, we spotted an opportunity to come together and deliver a fresh and dynamic approach to the Virtual PA industry - providing a seamless lifestyle management service that spans both business and the home.

Our name, The House Of Lifestyle Management, reflects the exclusive signature line of services that we offer - a luxury establishment through which our clients can realise their best lives.

Our Values

Our passionate team are driven by a set of core values. These key pillars of service guide everything that we do and help us make the impossible, possible. We pride ourselves on a dedicated approach that reflects the following values:


Anything is possible with the right mind set! Our expert customer service is imbued with a fun and positive approach - we turn even the most ambitious dreams into realities.


We make things happen and focus on driving your business and home life forward! We seek out new opportunities and recommendations to improve your performance - coming to you with new suggestions that are a result of our innovative and strategic thinking.


Confidentiality is our upmost priority. Our team go the extra mile to make sure you can have complete confidence in our services. We pride ourselves on being the solid foundation for all areas of your life - providing secure support that allows you to focus on your strengths instead. You can rely on our PA's to ensure that our services are always conducted discreetly and with paramount confidence.


We pride ourselves on offering a highly personable approach, building long-term trusted relationships with our clients. Investing in our packages can offer you so much more than just our core services. Our passionate Lifestyle Advisors, PAs and housekeepers feel like an extension of your own internal team. We take the time to fully understand the workings of your business and personal affairs, allowing us to create a bespoke solution that will meet your exact needs.

Why Choose House of LM?

At The House Of LM we offer an unrivalled level of lifestyle management service. Our experience means that we are trusted to deliver outstanding and efficient packages that incorporate every aspect of your life. We have an extensive network of trusted specialists, meaning we work with industry-leaders who have the niche skill-set for the task at hand at preferential rates. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can transform your lifestyle.